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JR Venture FZE LLC has a huge distribution channel that includes five dedicated regional distribution centres that ensure reliable reach of products. We have over two decades of experience in serving sales channels for more than 30 large, local and multinational brands. Our sales processes have grown and evolved through grass-root level participation in brand launches for their leading brands...


At JR Venture FZE LLC, we continue the legacy of transporting goods quickly, efficiently and economically worldwide. Our main objective is timely delivery of your products. We handle your logistics concerns, letting you concentrate on your core business activities. This goal is accomplished by pooling our resources and significant expertise in international freight forwarding, warehousing, custom brokerage, local transportation and distribution...

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About Us

“Goods move fast; and so do we.”

 JR Venture FZE LLC presents - Merchandising and Trading Simplified!

With our unparallel product offerings and extensive network of business operations and collaborations, we have come into our own. May it be Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, or Middle East & Gulf, we make procurement and delivery of goods happen anywhere in the world. JR Venture FZE LLC has emerged as an effective link between suppliers and distributors all over the globe and this is what gives us a competitive edge.

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JR Venture FZE LLC Advantage

Today manufacturers / exporters / importers / traders / buyers/ logistics service providers face severe challenges with regard to mutual coordination in the arena of Global Trade. The very core of trade starts with procurement of goods from the right manufacturer / supplier at the right price and with desired quality parameters. Once the source is identified, the next big task is to ensure that the goods reach on time from the place of origin to place of consumption and this entails managing the entire logistics. In today’s world . . .

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