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“Goods move fast; and so do we.”

JR Venture FZE LLC presents - Merchandising and Trading Simplified!

With our unparallel product offerings and extensive network of business operations and collaborations, we have come into our own. May it be Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, or Middle East & Gulf, we make procurement and delivery of goods happen anywhere in the world. JR Venture FZE LLC has emerged as an effective link between MANUFACTURER and RETAILER all over the globe and this is what gives us a competitive edge.

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Of International Trading Service

Our Products

Ready-to-Eat Food

Sauces are essential in cuisines all over the world - available in various flavours for different recipes. Similarly, ready-to-eat foods promise ease of consumption. Such products - are easily portable, have a longer shelf life, offer a combination of convenient traits - majorly include dry goods, frozen foods, shelf-stable foods, etc.
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Spices And Masalas

Spices and condiments need no introduction. They are natural, plant/vegetable products, available as whole or ground or in seed form, breathe flavour, aroma and piquancy into the food. We offer a wide array of spices in all forms viz. whole, ground, seeds and flakes.
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Rice, Pulses & Other Grains

We procure the finest varieties of rice around the world which are well cleaned, hygienically processed and packed through latest state-of-art imported machines to maintain highest international standards. In addition, we trade pulses and lentils like rajma (baked beans), masoor, moong, arhar, urad, channa and toor dal.
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Fresh Fruits & Vegetables:

There are few things in life that please people more than the juiciness of quality fresh fruit and vegetables. We work to deliver the world’s freshest produce to discerning customers around the globe.
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We are offer fresh fruit pulps known for their nutrition and purity. Our range of fresh pulp includes mango pulp, pomegranate pulp and guava pulp. These are extracted from quality fruits procured directly from associate farm houses and thus maintain their freshness.
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Juices & Beverages

We deal in carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, flavoured beverages such as cola, mango, orange, lime, etc. thus letting everyone to pick their choice. We stand as one of the salient juice exporters and ensure that the quality of our juices is top-notch while they remain affordable for our customers.
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Confectionaries & Biscuits

Our range of confectionary includes sweets, candy nuts, chocolates, chewing gums, sweetmeats, etc. We also deal in chocolate and sugar-free confections and baked biscuits that are commonly flour-based.
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Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceutical & Surgical

We merchandise health care, personal care, food supplements, nutritional supplements, and medical and surgical equipments. We develop, produce, and market drugs or pharmaceuticals for medicinal use.
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Our Client Reviews

" JR Venture FZE LLC it's all in one company.like export , trader, supplier & national distributor..and the most imp thing the procurement directly from farmers in different path of India...and supply to our customers pan India... There can be no better thing than this."

" JR Venture FZE LLC company deals with agriculture products.There rates are very low as compared to market.Their customer service speaks very nicely.Looking forward to buy products from you for lifetime in a cheaper rate. Thankyou."

“JR Venture FZE LLC International is a leading exporter and distributor of agro commodities. It offers not only the highest quality at a reasonable price, but also value-added services that reduce the burden of the procurement process. The company staffs are cordial, helpful and always ready to provide the best services to their customers. I would strongly recommend JR Venture FZE LLC if you are looking for bulk procurement of agri commodities under under one roof”