JR Venture FZE LLC has a huge distribution channel that includes five dedicated regional distribution centres that ensure reliable reach of products. We have over two decades of experience in serving sales channels for more than 30 large, local and multinational brands. Our sales processes have grown and evolved through grass-root level participation in brand launches for their leading brands. Along with channel-wise sales managers, our team engages dedicated brand and product managers. Our national sales and distribution network enable us in executing launches and growth plans to precision and this is reflected in our proven track record of several successful brand launches and sustainable growth.


Regular importers prefer to have their own buying offices in sourcing countries for better co-ordination. If the importing company is not a larger one - they outsource buying function by appointing buying agents. Buying offices and buying agents identify vendors, negotiate rate, check in-process quality, and perform pre-shipment inspection and many other functions on behalf of buyers. While buying offices act as procurement offices for buyers, buying agents usually receive a commission from the buyers.

Selling through buying agents is beneficial for exporters too as it is less time-consuming and cuts cost. Exporters thus save marketing, courier, communication and overseas travelling costs.

Another advantage of selling through buying agents/houses is significant reduction in business risk as buying agent representatives keep regular control over quality during production. As goods go through pre-shipment quality inspection under supervision of buying agent - there is hardly any chance of getting quality complaint after the goods reach the destination.